Shape Your Premium Team with Us

We offer a suite of Talent-as-a-Service solutions that help you solve various business needs. We are experts in identifying your business gaps and providing you talent through place-to-train or train-to-place models.

Join esteemed partners and clients globally, tapping into our pool of Future Ready Talent across verticals.

Access top-quality talent

Your perfect candidate is ready to maximize their potential for your business needs. Find Talent DNA perfect matched to your company’s culture, size and job requirements.

Scale with low cost overrun

Most people hire based on current skills. We help our clients hire talent based on their current skills and future potential, using super-optimized structures to achieve our client’s mission.

Hire fast with minimal friction

Our rapid hiring models coupled with accelerated Talent DNA from the BEYOND4 Accelerator and our unique matching methods allow us to present readily deployable talent with almost little to no friction.

Talent Cloud

Identifying, Accelerating and Transforming talent to fit your business needs. Our Talent Cloud is designed to identify potential Talent DNA, accelerate talents’ growth, and deploy talent to high-end employers. The Talent Cloud is incubated by the BEYOND4 Startup Accelerator with the goal of producing niche technopreneurial talent to drive the Digital Economy.   

Assessment & Profiling

Designed to assess talent from the open market on 45 competencies, our highly flexible unique assessment model gives us insights on an individual’s DNA, allowing us to drive acceleration initiatives to maximize their potential as Creator, Sustainer, Disruptor or Innovator. The DISCOVERi Assessment Portal is also designed for intelligent matching between Talent DNA & business requirements and needs.

Talent Acceleration

We believe that people are the core to any business. The talent pool of an organization can make or break it. Our Talent development solutions are designed to unlock individual’s infinite potentials and make people perform at their best while inspiring learners to pursue big problems.

We remove the stress from the hiring process so you can focus on what you do best.

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