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Here at Global Strategic Partners, we have identified pain points of employers with the need to move swiftly towards digital transformation to stay relevant in the market.

The increased demand and need for readily available and deployable Future Talent equipped with the right skills for the right job is not at par with the low supply of readily available talent in the open market.

Together with BEYOND4, we identify Talent DNA from the open market, equip them with skills aligned to their proficiency and provide extensive opportunities to accelerate their careers through skilling, knowledge, and industry exposure. GSP is the Career Accelerator, one of the BEYOND4’s accelerators to help businesses embrace digital innovation, and propel their talent’s exponential growth through place-to-train or train-to-place models.

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Identify talent, accelerate through training and deploy to solve business needs.

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The BEYOND4 MULTI-TIER ACCELERATOR Ecosystem is an End-to-End model designed to acknowledge gaps with Talents from grassroots level all the way to Fortune 500 Companies & Governments.

The core goal is to accelerate TALENT DNA to their maximum potential by identifying different types of Talent DNA, aligning the right upskilling efforts, equipping them with the skills to perform successfully and nurturing premium talent towards high-end innovation.

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BEYOND4 Career Accelerator has launched the BEYOND4JOBS portal supported by us as the Accelerator Partner, Global Strategic Partners.

BEYOND4JOBS is intelligently configured to match the right talent to the right jobs leveraging on the ecosystem’s extensive network, experience and expertise allowing you to attract, engage and advance specialists and mavericks.