Skills Accelerator

Unlock your individual infinite potential

The BEYOND4 Ecosystem multi-tier accelerators are integrated with digitally integrated platforms that funnel various Talent DNA to be accelerated, deployed, or transformed into scalable Startups. We enable the ecosystem to achieve this goal through our Talent Cloud and strategic partnerships.

Rapid Upskilling Programs for Individuals

Exclusively curated for Future Talent, the initiatives driven by the BEYOND4 Skills Accelerator are designed to bring the best out of Talent by streamlining an array of guided initiatives to accelerate talent for specialized needs.

Fundamental Future Education

The BEYOND4 Education Accelerator focuses on Diploma, Degree and Masters’ programs for both students and working adults with the goal of accelerating talent from grassroot level towards future digital skills.

Premium Specialized Talent

Through our highly flexible DISCOVERi Assessment model, we can identify potential innovators and premium talent. The power-pack Innovation programmes accelerates premium talent identified through live industry projects giving them firsthand experience solving 21st century problems with disruptive technologies across different verticals.

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